Introduction to Title IX for School Employees

Title IX Powerpoint (002).jpg
Title IX Powerpoint (002).jpg

Introduction to Title IX for School Employees

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Join Elizabeth Kaleva of Kaleva Law for this 1 hour long on-demand training.  It comes with individual log-in, progress tracking and assessment for school employees. In addition, this course provides an administrator log-in with an overview of course completion and the ability to assign new courses.  Subscription good through June 30, 2018. Click the video below for a short, informational demonstration.  Pricing is:

  • $30 for an individual user
  • $200 for up to 25 users
  • $375 for 25-50 users
  • $700 for 50-100 users
  • $700 + $5.00/user for 101+ users (Contact IC for pricing)

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