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Interactive Distance Learning 

Inspired Classroom is an interactive distance learning company bringing world class collaborative experiences into the classroom—in real time. We connect the best organization experts and role models with students and educators who hunger for authentic learning opportunities. 

Classrooms partnered with organizations through Inspired Classroom’s distance learning and green screen technology warp time and space for discussions, projects, and connections that INSPIRE young minds. At Inspired Classroom, we believe that collaboration IGNITES learning!


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 New to Interactive Distance Learning?

The Inspired Classroom Distance Education Course  (ICDEC) package provides educational institutions with the necessary training for the successful implementation and adoption of interactive distance learning in the classroom and in the school system.  It is ideal for all school wishing to implement Interactive Distance Learning and meets all criteria for USDA RUS grant funding. 

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Segment 1: Distance Learning and your Students 

Topics include: 

  • Interactive Virtual Field Trips
  • Teacher to Teacher and Student to Student Collaborations
  • Student Created Content
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Segment 2: Distance Learning and Your Curriculum 

Topics Include:

  • Implementing a Whole Technology Plan
  • Best Practice 
  • Classroom Video Conferencing Projects and Student Practice Sessions

Segment 3: Distance Learning and Your School

Topics include:

  • Connecting with Specialists
  • Connecting with Parents
  • Connecting with the Community

Live Quarterly Updates

The most effective training includes support and follow-up.  Quarterly updates keep ideas flowing, gives a forum for staff support and connection to distance learning and technology experts.  Schools and universities have packed agendas of important initiatives. Using a brief quarterly update format insures that the investment made in technology will be effective.  Archived updates are available for review.