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"Physics of Design"--Oct. 20 from 11:00-11:50am

Montana STEMfest 2015
CTA Architects and Dr. Mark Reiser
Tues, Oct. 20


CTA Architects: Presenter:  Jackie Bull Organized in 1938, CTA has grown to provide a wide variety of building services to its clients. Each year CTA completes more than 1,200 projects, translating into $400 million in construction costs. Projects include medical clinics, hospitals, airports, colleges, schools, residences, planning, and recreational, commercial, and industrial developments.

A unique advantage of CTA is our broad base of personnel resources. Besides architectural services, CTA employs mechanical, electrical, civil, and structural engineers. We also provide landscape architecture, interior design, graphic design, and employ a range of specialists in such areas as cost estimating, code review, and roofing and envelope design. Our comprehensive approach allows CTA to provide our clients a full service architecture/engineering firm with some of the best talent available.


Mark Reiser Ph.D: After receiving my BS in physics in 2002,  I have spent the better part of the last 10+ years as a graduate student at the University of Wyoming.  After growing up in Wisconsin, I fulfilled my dream to move out west, where I spent the next 10+ years in Laramie, WY.  I was a graduate student for the better part of the last decade, studying in gaining experience in two different fields:  1) physics & astronomy, and 2) counseling.  In the area of physics & astronomy, I focused most of my energy into astronomy teaching and outreach.  As a counselor, I became trained as a mental health counselor, and then worked as a school counselor for two years.  Ultimately, I have always hoped to find a position that allowed me to combine my love of astronomy & physics with my passion for working with students.  Just this past fall, in 2013, I began working here at the University of Montana in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, serving as the Academic Advisor - Recruitment & Retention Specialist.  The position is an ideal combination of my background and interests, and I am eager to put my energies into helping our students develop and succeed!

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