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MPG Mountain Lion IC Challenge: Grades 6-8

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MPG Ranch is home to many different types of wildlife including larger wildlife like elk, deer, bear, wolves and mountain lion. MPG Ranch employs researchers like Joshua Lisbon who has been studying mountain lions for the past three years.  Other scientists study birds, fish, soil, forests and grassland.  Together they are determining how all elements of this ecosystem work together on the Ranch.   
You and your team will act as detectives and analyze the kill site information, determine what animals were involved and use the information to predict patterns of predator and prey behavior on the Ranch. Your team must determine the carrying capacity of mountain lion population on MPG Ranch. Use the information and examples you have learned from your kill site analysis to create a blog post explaining your recommendations for sustaining mountain lion carrying capacity on MPG Ranch.

What is an IC Challenge?  
It is a cloud based platform that teaches the process of problem solving and critical thinking while connecting students to real world challenges and experts. 

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