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Native American Filmmaker Film Club Series--Jan. 8 at 1:15


Big Sky Documentary Film Institute is hosting the second Native American Filmmaker Film Club series this year. Students and teachers will be sent links to beautiful and compelling films made by Native Filmmakers or made about contemporary Native American topics. The films complement curriculum and provoke discussion of compelling stories. Classes then join a LIVE virtual visit with a panel of experts. The director of the film, IEFA department of Montana OPI personnel and Big Sky Documentary Film Institute personnel entertain student questions and give insight into the making of the film. Teachers also will receive links to curriculum for use as desired.

This unique opportunity for middle and high school students to engage with real world experts and story subjects brings the school curriculum to life. It comes at no cost to the school as it is supported by generous sponsorship of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Dates for the Upcoming Film Club Series are:

Tuesday, January 8 at 1:15pm—To be decided

Attendance at each LIVE session is highly encouraged. Each session is recorded and a link sent to registered participants if the class is unable to attend.


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