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MPG Mountain Lion IC Challenge: Grades 4-5

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 Mountain Lions

Partner with the MPG Ranch in Florence, MT to connect with field experts, learn about the land and these amazing creatures.

Joshua Lisbon, a researcher at MPG ranch, has been studying Mountain Lion behavior and physical characteristics for several years to get a better understanding of these animals.  Joshua tracks lions in the winter, gathers scat (mountain lion poop), hair samples, looks at maps and photos from game cameras to know as much as he can about the lions that live on or around the Ranch.

Your challenge is to work with your team, Joshua, and other scientists to learn about the mountain lions of MPG Ranch. Your team will  consider all of the things a mountain lion needs to live and select what you believe to be the most important.  Your team will create a short presentation for other students explaining the natural features on MPG Ranch and the one thing you believe needs to be preserved to keep the mountain lion population healthy while still having other animals survive on the ranch.  Your presentation can take the form of a powerpoint slide, presi, webpage, song, storybook, or video.  

What is an IC Challenge?  
It is a cloud based platform that teaches the process of problem solving and critical thinking while connecting students to real world challenges and experts. 

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