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IC Challenge and Civic Engagement

Inspired Classroom’s IC Challenge interactive platform engages learners and S T R E C H E S thinking!

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IC Challenge™ and Civic Engagement : Scenario Learning for all Learners

The IC Challenge is a problem-based scenario learning experience delivered through an interactive cloud-based platform that is easily managed and fully supported.   It brings participants to the table to solve problems and think critically in collaboration with experts as they work through problem solving steps and develop action plans.  The IC Challenge is a manageable way to bring voices to the table to tussle with the world’s pressing issues.

“Thanks for making this platform user-friendly enough for my long term sub to step right in on this project.” Nichole Bailey, Ennis High School

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Customer/End User

·         K-12 Educators and Students
          Organizations with Educational Outreach Goals
          Government or Civic Organizations

Learn more about the IC Challenge™ and view Challenges for the 2019-2020 school year:

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