Inspired Classroom is  located in Missoula, Montana.  It is owned by Allison DePuy and Kathleen Dent.  

Alli has been collaborating and educating through Inspired Classroom for the past 5 years.  She has extensive experience as an educator, program coordinator, technology specialist, and curriculum developer.  Her passion is connecting students with real-world experiences and bringing the world into the classroom.

Kathleen has been a public school educator for the past 30+ years.  She brings classroom teaching, gifted and talented programming, curriculum development and administration to the virtual world.  She passionately believes in teachers and is dedicated to bringing 21st century learning to the classroom.

Both Alli and Kathleen are also "edupreneurs"  with experience in building business and customer service.  They are working to bring business and education together for the benefit of the next generation.  

Contact Us:

Inspired Classroom

Mailing Address:
6321 Hillview Way
Missoula, MT  59803

Studio Address:
1121 E. Broadway, Suite 112
Missoula, MT  59802


Alli DePuy   406-531-6505              

Kathleen Dent   406-544-0475