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Bear in the Bathtub


There's a Bear in the Bathtub!

Participate in a STEAM Project and Contest for students in K-8th grade! 

Why would a bear be in a bathtub?  What would the soggy bruin be doing there?  What bath toys would he like?  Who might join in the fun? 

These questions and more are posed by Inspired Classroom’s ‘THERE’S A BEAR IN THE BATHTUB!’ STEAM Project.  Students across the country can submit entries of art work and descriptions for compilation in a collaborative book describing young Mia’s reluctance to take a bath because there is a bear in her bathtub.  Mia’s mother grows frustrated as the week progresses and an increasingly stinky Mia refuses to disturb the bear! 

The book concludes with non-fiction information and photos from internationally renowned wildlife biologist, Dr. Mike Sawaya, and researchers summarizing an actual study released in 2016 in Montana on black bears use of ponds, stock tanks, and other ‘bathtubs’ to thermoregulate in the increasingly hot western summers.

Submissions Due March 30, 2018