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IC Challenges

The Inspired Classroom Challenge (IC Challenge) is an interactive platform that teaches the process of problem solving by presenting students with real world problems and connecting them to experts during virtual, live events. The platform and interactive distance learning events engage students of all ages in critical thinking, solution finding, and action planning.  IC Challenges give students a voice!

Students and teachers work in teams to collaborate with classmates and experts-- researching, discussing, finding solutions, and interacting in real time. They think critically and creatively while brainstorming problems and solutions and analyze their work with criteria they establish together.  The platform develops their digital literacy skills and provides a forum for students to communicate their decisions about chosen solutions.


IC Challenges for 2018-2019 School Year


Using IC Challenges in the Classroom

Teachers use their professional judgment to incorporate the IC Challenge into their regular curriculum in many different ways.  Some examples include:

Toe Dip—Teachers or students not familiar with problem solving.  Using the IC Challenge as a whole class exercise with some group work may be a good way get comfortable with problem solving.  This also works well for younger students with more limited technology or learning capabilities.  The IC Challenge can be used as a technique to get students to think deeper about the content they are currently studying or a way to anticipate content coming up.

Wade In—Allowing students to work in teams to solve problems, do research, and discuss builds their skills.  The IC Challenge will manage the student teams so the teacher can easily assess progress. 

By limiting the period of time, the IC Challenge becomes a way to compliment content being discussed and can be used as a springboard for more activities and instruction.


Deep Dive—Meaningful work done by student teams over a longer period of time allows students to grapple with complex problems and develop real world products.  The IC Challenge can become a framework for a unit of study or a marking period of content. It is not intended to be a complete curriculum by can be used by teachers as a touchstone that aligns learning and integrates disciplines in a meaningful way.

Whether a teacher is ‘dipping a toe’ or ‘diving deep’ into IC Challenge waters, the platform along with the live interactive events associated with it bring authentic learning into the classroom in an efficient way!

IC Challenge FAQs