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 We Are Montana in the Classroom


We Are Montana in the Classroom is an exciting new enrichment opportunity through the University of Montana. Offered at no cost to your school, this unique virtual opportunity will engage your students with UM faculty members and allow them to experience the excitement of higher education from their very own classroom.

Each of our faculty members offers a fun, interactive 50-minute virtual lesson that connects students with current academic research and engages them in a hands- and minds-on activity. Our project partner, Inspired Classroom, will assist your school with the technology support for a successful learning experience.

Click to see a calendar of presentations and registration form. 

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Montana World Affairs Council:  Council in the Classroom Program

Montana World Affairs Council brings internationally recognized speakers into Montana high schools virtually.  Past speakers include:

  • Karma Tensum-Executive Director of the Tibetan Children's Education Foundation
  • John Dau-Former "Lost Boy" of Sudan, human rights activist, and founder of John Dau Foundation.
  • Ambassador Said Jawad-former Ambassador of Afghanistan to the United States.