Inspired Classroom is an interactive distance learning company bringing world class collaborative experiences into the classroom—in real time. We connect the best organization experts and role models with students and educators who hunger for authentic learning in a wasteland of passive recorded lectures.

Classrooms partnered with organizations through Inspired Classroom’s distance learning and green screen technology warp time and space for discussions, projects, and connections that INSPIRE young minds. At Inspired Classroom, we believe that collaboration IGNITES learning!

Distance Learning

Join Inspired Classroom for a Virtual Field trip!  Your class can explore the wonders of Montana, engage in energy and conservation classes or participate in a virtual art class and more! Go to the courses and calendar page  to see class selection and register for classes or special events!


Inspired Classroom partners with organizations to provide real-time access to international experts, curriculum development and delivery.  Go to our partner page to learn more about our partners or how to become a part of Inspired Classroom.


Interested in teaching a class, Recording training or promotional videos for your business? 
Participating in a virtual meeting? Our Missoula, Montana studio is available to rent by the hour.  Other services provided by Inspired Classroom include  curriculum development and instructional assistance.  Let us help you customize and distribute your message. 

Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration
Pinnacle Award Winner
2014, 2015 and 2016

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