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What is Distance Learning? And FAQ

What is Distance Learning?

Distance learning is an instructional delivery system that connects learners with educational resources.  Inspired Classroom connects individuals and classes to innovative learning opportunities through video conferencing equipment, computers and projectors.  Multiple classrooms, individuals, and venues can participate in separate events, a series of learning opportunities or collaboration among students. 

Inspired Classroom:

·         organizes the event

·         assists speakers with content and delivery

·         provides technology advice

·         provides follow-up resources and assignments

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students per class?
We prefer a maximum of 30 students to a minimum of 5. Please contact us to discuss class sizes outside these parameters.

I have never used distance learning equipment before, can you help me?
Yes! We can walk you through the steps of using your equipment including a test call to our studios to insure the equipment is working properly.  We are happy to work with your school’s technology specialist also.

Can you connect to smart board, computers, and projectors?
The best visual and audio quality will be attained with distance learning equipment.  BUT NEVER FEAR--We can connect smoothly to smartboards (as long as they have a webcam). We can also connect to iPads, tablets, desktops and laptops.

Where do the most frequent technology glitches occur?

Typically, bandwidth and firewalls at the school site cause the most technological hiccups.  To test your bandwidth speed go to: www,  If we know your speed, it will help us assist you.  Also, check with your IT specialist or provider about firewalls and other security settings ahead of the class.  A test call at least a day before will help work out these bugs.  

How should I organize my students to ask the presenter questions?

Best practices are to think about questions your students may have before the video conference and to choose several students to ask those questions. During the Q & A section of the video conference a student may raise their hand to be called upon to ask a question.

How should I set up the microphone during the class?

When the microphone is placed too close to the speakers you will experience feedback. The background noise can be eliminated by muting your microphone until it is time for the students to ask questions.

How long does each program last?

Each class lasts approximately one hour.  Special presentations will vary in time.  Inspired Classroom can help you customize your experience for maximum success. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We will not charge for programs cancelled due to nature i.e. snow days. Otherwise, a full fee will be charged for classes cancelling within 48 hours of the scheduled time.

Are programs recorded?

Classes are recorded at times for use with educational partners or promotion.  Other recording is not allowed.  Instructions will be given to teachers in advance and forms provided for recorded session.

Are there lesson plans and other resources with the program?

Inspired Classroom provides lesson plans, articles, links to resources, and curriculum assistance for most classes.  We are glad to work with teachers or class participants to make the distance learning experience useful and fun!