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MT FWP Grizzly Bear Challenge--6-12 grades

FWP Grizzly Bear IC Challenge


Montana designated the grizzly bear as the official state animal in 1983. This iconic species’ population was almost wiped out in Montana and other states in the lower 48. Over the last 40 years, MTFWP, MT citizens, and other conservation organizations have been working at recovering the species. Grizzly bear populations and their distribution have increased.  It is a success story, but with it comes challenges. 

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks bear managers are asking Montana students to come to the table and share their ideas about managing this magnificent but complex, and at times, controversial predator through participation in the FWP Grizzly Bear IC Challenge.  

The FWP Grizzly Bear IC Challenge is a problem-solving project hosted on a virtual platform.  Teachers can embed the Challenge into their curriculum any way they choose--use it as a whole class, student teams, or independent project.  THE TEACHER DECIDES. 

Students walk through the steps of problem-solving as they react to a real-world scenario and view a video introduction of Montana's bear managers.  As they research, brainstorm, apply criteria, develop action plans and submit solutions for review, students are critically thinking and developing real-world skills.  Teachers can easily manage teams, grade student work, and access a wealth of resources on the virtual platform. 

This is SCIENCE IN ACTION, problem-based learning and meets state and national curriculum standards.  There are no 'right' answers to the challenge.  Students must tussle to discover solutions just as FWP and other stakeholders do in their daily lives.

The FWP Grizzly Bear IC Challenge is FREE to classrooms across the state through the generosity of the Montana Outdoor Legacy Foundation, Cabelas, Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, TransCanada, Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation, and the Liz Claiborne and Art Ortenberg Foundation.