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MPG Ranch IC Golden Eagle Challenge: Grades 3-6; 6-8; 9-12

Inspired Classroom is partnering with MPG Ranch and Raptor View Research Institute to bring a unique problem solving challenge to teachers and students in 2019.  The IC Challenge,™ constructed around real world wildlife and biological research being done in Montana, is free to schools.  IC Challenges™ walk students through scenarios, provide authentic resources for research, and provide live, interactive virtual events for students to ask experts questions and get feedback. 
As a teacher, YOU decide how you want to embed the IC Challenge™ into your curriculum.  It can be used as a whole class activity, a team activity, or an independent project.  It is done on YOUR schedule.  The IC Challenge™ is NOT one more thing!  It is a way to manage project based learning, meet the science standards, and engage with experts in the field to bring learning to life.  It IS the work of the world, brought to your classroom!


Click on the video to watch a short tutorial about the IC Challenge.


Hear from Arlee high school teacher, Bill Stockton about his experience using the IC Challenge in his classroom.


Grade Levels:
Elementary--Golden Eagle natural history and habitat
Middle School--Issues surrounding Golden Eagle migration
High School--International and governmental policy concerns based on Golden Eagle research.
LIVE, VIRTUAL BROADCAST DAYS--Week of Feb. 5 from the MPG Ranch as researchers are capturing and releasing birds for study.

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